Monday, August 10, 2009

Tender Bob's: Baby back Ribs.

My brother and I almost have similar taste when it comes to food. We both love pizza, steaks, seafoods, etc. but he's a lot more choosier. :) Last night, we were talking about the food we'll prepare for his birthday which is exactly 2 weeks from now. Almost half of his favorites are a no-no for him (so he says): "NO FAST FOOD ON MY BIRTHDAY." Okay, fine. We were down to Lobster (or not, since it's pricey), birthday cake, and spaghetti. That's how choosy he is. When he eats, even in a buffet, he only sticks to one food. Weird. 

Anyway, I was thinking of buying him a baby back ribs from Tender Bob's since it's gonna be his birthday and he has been bugging me about food for months! "Ate (older sister), I want lobster.", "I want pizza Ate.", "Ate, BABY BACK RIBS!!", "Ate, buy me food.". Argh okay okay. I spoil my younger brother... a little.

So, maybe I'd finally give in to his request on his birthday given that I would have some budget for it. Hopefully.

Tender Bob's Baby Back Ribs (half) with Java rice and corn on the side.
I forgot how much this is exactly but I'm sure it's around P350-P470 ($7-$10). It's worth it though. I ate this as a first meal of the day at 4PM, so imagine how starved I was and I still didn't manage to clear my plate and I eat a lot, I'm not the kind of girl who always leave something on her plate. That's how big the ribs is. :)

Of course Tender Bob's has a variety of food to choose from. They also have salads, soup, steaks, pasta, burgers and sandwiches, desserts and platters. Budget for dining here would be P300-P1000 ($7-$22) for 2-3 persons at least since their servings are too big and you could share in 1 meal. Not bad, eh?

Tender Bob's can be located at The 5th in Shangri-La Plaza Mandaluyong and Ground Level in Promenade Greenhills.


  1. We've dined at their Greenhills branch but I don't remember anymore what I had there! I'd love to go back and try the ribs :)

  2. Gotta have me some baby back ribs.



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