Friday, August 21, 2009

Figaro Coffee.

There's no coffee in this post but I do have BLT panini and iced tea (not photographed). This was from my lunch date last week with my former boss and 2 other friends. I had this coupon where I get to have a few free drinks like brewed coffee, iced blended (frosts), and several coupons with buy one get one for free for the same price or less. It was a huge help for me especially since I'm the only one with no work yet. My boss and I "shared" with the bill but she paid for most of it. I spent only P100 ($2) for my BLT and large iced tea. :) That's good enough since prices in Figaro are at least a hundred for coffee and their food costs more than 100 except for the few pastries they have which costs 50-100. I saved a lot using the coupons.

BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomatoes) Panini with my "un-photographed" Iced Tea.

I was too hungry that I almost forgot to take a picture of it. I like Figaro's sandwiches and pastas. They only have a number of
sandwiches and pastas
available but they're delicious. I was supposed to have my favorite sandwich Chicken Caesar but then I started getting allergies with chicken, eggs and other poultry products so I'm limiting eating them, maximum ONCE a week.

I hope to use up all or at least half of the coupons before they expire on the 30th of September. :) Might go back and use my free coupons and ask some friends to go with me for the remaining "buy one take one" ones.



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