Wednesday, December 2, 2009

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken).

Compared to other fast food chains available here in the Philippines which makes fried chicken their "specialty" or their main food to offer, KFC is my number 1 preference followed by McDonald's and then Jollibee. But of course there's also Max's and Kenny Rogers.

KFC's finger lickin' good slogan is so true to its words.

I have to be conscious about my chicken intake for the week, if I exceed 2 I usually get itchy red rough spots on my arms so before our scheduled KFC dinner after watching New Moon, I stirred away from eating chicken just to be safe. It was worth the starvation from eating anything chicken. ;) It was my first time to try their addition to the menu: Krushers. I had the berries and yogurt or something like that and it was really good! I am actually drooling right now just thinking of it.

I'm stopping now. I haven't had breakfast and lunch yet and it's already 2:30PM. This entry is making me more hungry. Yeah, I now understand why I get comments that this blog of mine makes them hungry or crave for something. Sorry about that! :) But I do hope you enjoy reading my entries.

And if this one made you crave again, visit the nearest KFC store near you! :)


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