Thursday, November 17, 2011

Adsense problem

***A break from food related post***

I have been having problems with my blog's Google Adsense for the past couple of months and I have zero idea on how to deal with it and fix it.

Is there anyone here who can help me with it? I'll send you an email or IM. I've tried searching Google's FAQ but I don't have the patience and the time to sift through each of the hundred topics posted and find a specific solution or explanation to my problem.

It would be a huge help and I would really appreciate it.
I can link you back as a thank you. :)

Thanks in advance, guys!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Gelatissimo, a gelato retail chain from Australia has opened several branches here in the Philippines too and it's not just about the gelato as they also offer coffee, sundaes, gelato cakes and mostly dessert products.

Here's my first Gelatissimo flavor:

Gelatissimo: Rum and Raisin

The photo actually made it look big but I had the smallest size and it cost me around P100 or so. It may seem pricey for a small dessert but then again, it's sort of an imported product and it is actually worth it because I had a scoopful, not the usual small scoop ones.

I would love to give the other flavors a try especially Green Tea and Bailey's. Gelatissimo has 6 branches here in the Philippines including 2 in Cebu (Ayala Center and SM City), 2 in Quezon City (SM North and TriNoma), 1 in Taguig (Serendra) and 1 in Makati (Greenbelt 5).

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mr. Jones, Greenbelt 5

I had the chance to try out Mr. Jones in Greenbelt 5 when a good friend of mine was having her on-the-job training there. I've heard of the place before but haven't really tried it so I was not familiar with the menu. The night before I was to have lunch at Mr. Jones with my friend's girlfriend, I searched for their menu and familiarized myself with the food that they have.

Everything sounds and looks delicious! But the first thing I noticed was the price, I initially thought that it was a little pricey for my budget even for me who enjoys eating out and trying new restaurants. A single order of their soup and salad is somewhere between P195-P375 ($4-9) already and the rest of the menu, including drinks range from P200-P600 ($4-15).

"Good thing I'm with Trish tomorrow!", is what I said to myself. I saw several food that I wanted to order the next day that I don't think a P1,000 ($25) budget would be enough to cover it.

Here's what I had that day:

Mr. Jones' Wicked Truffled Mac 'N Cheese

Priced at P395 ($9) and is good for sharing, Mr. Jones' Mac 'N Cheese is a must-try for everyone who is a first timer at this restaurant. You really can't go wrong with mac 'n cheese and this one just tastes so good you can eat it all by yourself. I love the creaminess of the sauce, not too creamy or sweet, but not bland at all. it has mushrooms, pancetta, and green peas too. This is the first food I ordered while waiting for Trish and I was trying not to eat it all before she arrives.

Mr. Jones' Spicy Drumstick

I'm not sure exactly what the name if this food is but is spicy and they're drumsticks. I love spicy buffalo wings, and this one has made it to my list of favorites. It has fries on the side of the bucket, too. The drumsticks are huge compared to others, the sauce balances out its spiciness but not removing the spicy factor. It actually just makes it more....delicious.

Overall, we've had 4 different food and 1 milkshake. I think our total bill was around P2,000-P2,500 but it was totally worth it. I wasn't able to take pictures because we were already busy eating.

Visit Mr. Jones at Level 1, Greenbelt 5 in Makati.

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