Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Booze Stop's Spicy Spareribs.

Hello cravings. I hate you. I have been craving for Booze Stop's Spicy Spareribs since yesterday and I cannot, and I mean I cannot wait until Friday when I get to eat 'em again.

Spicy Spareribs.
Around P160-P180 ($2-$4). Really spicy and really addicting. Really! :)

Sorry for the not-so-presentable photo, every time we order this we can't help but munch on them as soon as the plate touches the table. I am almost at Booze Stop every week and every week I order this and the only photos I have are empty plates. Ooooh! Now, I'll make sure to try to take photos first. Hello again spareribs on Friday!

Booze Stop is located at Kamagong St. in Makati City (near Shopwise Vito Cruz). They will be celebrating their first year anniversary on Saturday too, so for all my Filipino readers and followers please please feel free to drop by (and maybe we could meet up?). The celebration would start at 7PM and would go on until 4 in the morning.  Bring your friends, your family, every one! :)

Here is their Facebook profile: Booze Stop Bar and Booze Stop 1st Anniversary. You can find their map location and other details there. I'm not sure if you could view the profile if you don't have an account though. Let me know if you're dropping by! :)

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