Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pepper Lunch's Double Beef Pepper Rice.

If you are a regular visitor of Mara's Personal Bubble or have been there at least once, you would have seen an entry about one of my favorite places to eat: Pepper Lunch.

Double Beef Pepper Rice.
My favorite (after the Curry Beef).

My friends know I LOVE PL so much that they would tease me every time I say I'm hungry they say "Okay, Pepper Lunch?". Haha!

I am a member of PhilMug (The Philippine Macintosh Group) forum and there I met Jeroen, the owner of PL suggested I try something new. Yes, I eat Beef Pepper and Curry Beef alternately every visit and as much as I want to try other food in the menu, I just keep on craving for either of the two. Whoops. Don't worry about the price because not only would you get your money's worth (and it's not too pricey), you'd get your stomachs full too.

Those who haven't tried Pepper Lunch yet, you can visit them at Powerplant Mall, Shangri-La Plaza and in the newly opened store in Alabang Town Center. Or you can visit their website and blog: Pepper Lunch Philippines and Pepper Lunch Blog.

Regular branches I eat at are Powerplant's and Shangri-La's since it's way nearer my house than in Alabang. I hope they won't open too many branches. It would be like Gonuts Donuts, Krispy Kreme, and we all know what happened to them (especially Gonuts). I think having 3-5 here in Manila is enough. One in South, one in North, and 2 here in between. That's just me and my 2 cents though. :)


  1. I`ve never heard of this dish before but it looks delicious.

  2. I haven't tried this yet, but a lot of people I know are raving about Pepper Lunch.

  3. Wow it looks so yummy!

    i am now following your blog..



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