Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mapecon (Eatery).

One of our favorite places to eat and hang out during breaks when we were in college was the eatery just beside our campus building. It only got its name because they were beside the Mapecon (pests terminator) "office".

Almost everybody knows Ate Alma, the owner of the eatery. I always order Beef Garlic and once she sees me walking in, she knew what to prepare. One Saturday, my friend and I decided to have late lunch there. I was so excited because I haven't had Beef Garlic for so long, I miss it! I was almost running out of the car to Mapecon (or Mape), I was all smiles and then I saw Ate Alma, I greeted her with my usual jolly tone and then she replied:

"Hi Mara! Uh, sorry wala ng Beef Garlic." (Hi Mara! Uh, sorry we ran out of Beef Garlic.)
My heart broke. I was so hungry and so craving for it already. I have no energy to think. I told her just cook anything beef for me and here's what she prepared:

Sizzling Beef Tenderloin.
YUM! But Beef Garlic is still my all-time Mape favorite.

Mape foods only cost P40-P60. So cheap but the foods are delish! Not bad for an eatery. :)
Can't wait for tomorrow's lunch date there with my friend. I'll take a picture of the place so you'll get to have a look and see what I mean. I hope Beef Garlic is available! :)

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