Monday, August 17, 2009

OFF TOPIC: Giveaway!

This entry is for the celebration of this new blog and a way of saying thank you to my friends and regular visitors over at Mara's Personal Bubble who followed and supported me here at Mara's Appetite.

I will be having 2 giveaways, 1 until the end of this month and 1 until the end of December 2009.

All you have to do is to drop your ECs and I'll send you EC credits if you make it to my Top 10 Droppers for this month. Another prize is a $2 and $1 PLUS EC credits if you sign up on Adgitize.

For those who don't have Adgitize on their blogs, here's what Adgitize can help you with:

1. Gain a lot of traffic (especially when you advertise).
2. Can earn you a little (or a good enough) amount by doing what you normally do: publish articles/blog posts, visit other blogs, having page views, etc.
3. You can discover other interesting blogs, gain friends.

Advertising in Adgitize is worth it. For only $14/month, you could earn it back with a profit before the month ends, gain at least 1,000 traffic and you can meet new bloggers. There are also other advertising options if you would like to "test-advertise" first.

I have been a member of Adgitize since December of last year and started advertising February of this year if I'm not mistaken and since then I renew my ad each month (except for April/May) and I always get my $14 back WITH profit. :) So I can say that I am a very satisfied member and that's why I am promoting them.

To know more about the details of my giveaway please visit me at MARA'S PERSONAL BUBBLE.


  1. I just signed up with Adgetize as a publisher 3 days... I don't have enough funds yet to advertise but it's good to hear that a lot of people are satisfied with their service. :D

  2. Congratulations with your new blog and lots of success with the give-away! :)

  3. thx for explain it and i realy love adgitize and entrecard to gain my blog traffic



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