Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Buon Giorno!

Have I mentioned that I love pasta? Well, I love almost all cuisines and I enjoy trying out new dishes. This one isn't new though. What's new is the restaurant that my friends and I dined in. It's not newly built, but it's out-of-town so it was our first time to try it there.

It's in Tagaytay (just a good 2-3 hours from the busy streets of Manila), the establishment is called Buon Giorno!, they serve Italian dishes.

Seafood Puttanesca (in Penne pasta) and Green Tea Iced Tea.
I spent roughly P500 ($11) for the meal plus the bread (free) before the meal. Yummy! Very worth the money. 

Good thing now we don't have to go to Tagaytay for a taste of Buon Giorno!, there is a new branch at Liberty Center, Shaw Blvd. here in Mandaluyong City which is 5-10 minutes away from my house. Yey!

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