Friday, August 7, 2009

Frozen Yogurts: Lulu Belle, Red Mango and FroYo.

Oh no! My taste buds are in need of their dose of frozen yogurts. If you have been with me on my personal blog you would know how much I love 'em!

Fro-Yo (yes, that's the name) frozen yogurt with strawberries.

Red Mango frozen yogurt with Peaches.

Lulu Belle frozen yogurt Combination.

These delightful yogurts cost around P80-P150 ($1-$3) depending on the size and choice of toppings that you like.

They are a healthier (or so I think) alternative for ice cream as desserts. Yummy!

Among these three, I prefer the frozen yogurt of Fro-Yo. Red Mango is too sour, Lulu Belle is too bland, Fro-Yo is just perfect. I still have to try White Hat and taste for myself if it's really good.

Just in case you guys want to try them out:

Fro-Yo is located at Shangri-La Plaza and Bonifacio High Street (Hobbes and Landes).
Lulu Belle is located at Powerplant Mall.
Red Mango is located at Eastwood and Megamall.
White is located at Shangri-La Plaza.

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  1. wow. i love desserts! try ko nga kung sakali mapadaan ulit ng Shang or NBC tent. hehe. yum yum

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