Friday, September 25, 2009

Pizza Hut's Chicken Wings.

I, Mara, is allergic to chicken. I am allowed to have a maximum of 2 chicken/poultry intake in a week, more than 2 and red spots and "chicken skin" would start appearing on my legs and my arms. Not a very good sight to see and not comfortable too. After those many times that I had those spots, I learned my lesson and controlled my urge to eat anything with chicken, eggs, soy sauce and too much grease. I would love to post a picture of what my legs look like with those spots but it wouldn't be appropriate in this site. :)

Last night's dinner was Fried Chicken and it was my first chicken for the week. Good, good, good. And not good that I want to eat Pizza Hut's Chicken Wings tonight. Must. Fight. Cravings.

Pizza Hut's 6-PC chicken wings.

I have always loved Pizza Hut's pizza. I actually grew up eating their pizzas. Now, I don't remember if they already have appetizers and pastas on their menu before like they do now, either way I am thankful that these days Chicken Wings, Spaghetti w/ Meatballs, Garlic Bread and Sausage Rolls are now available for me to indulge on. ;) Their pizza is my ultimate comfort food. They even have their crusts evolved from just the regular pan crust to a cheesy pops crust, cheesy volcano crust, etc. etc. Their prices increased but I still think it's reasonable and very worth it! Their Regular-sized pizzas cost P220+, good for 2-4 persons and their Family-sized pizzas cost P420 at most good for 4-6 persons.

Pizza Hut delivers until 12 midnight and some branches until 2 AM. 911-11-11 is the number to dial. You can also visit their website at: Pizza Hut Philippines for more details on their menu and prices.

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  1. Yummy! I'm reading your post and my 2 year old nephew is sitting beside me and that's what he said. Hahaha! Your post made me hungry! Again. I'm just glad Pizza Hut offers online ordering already.



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