Thursday, October 1, 2009

Foods to stock up.

As some of you may have heard, our country has experienced a terrible typhoon last weekend (I posted all about it in my personal blog) and there is another one coming in a few days. We did not expect the worst outcome and we were caught off guard and unprepared with what hit us. Nobody expected non-stop hard rain the whole, nobody expected chest-high flood in less than 6 hours, nobody expected floodwater to enter their homes, nobody expected their cars to "swim", nobody foresaw that they will need to evacuate on their roofs with nothing to eat and be rescued days after and nobody anticipated their last day on Earth drowning.

So now that those victims of the typhoon are in several different evacuation centers and some still stuck in their flooded homes and we are now expecting a typhoon to hit us once again, everybody is preparing well and early. The number one survival guideline: STOCK UP FOOD AND DRINKS GOOD FOR 3 DAYS.

Here are the basic food to stock up in case of calamities like this:

Instant Noodles


Spread (peanut butter, mayo, etc.)



Canned Goods (sardines, tuna, corned beef, etc.)

It is very important for everybody to be prepared all the time. These foods are all ready to eat and easy to eat if I may say so. Other than food and water, it is also advisable to prepare a "survival kit" just in case things got worse and you have to evacuate. It won't be easy packing up or looking for essentials when our brain is on panic mode. It is important that you have some clothes, toiletries and other necessities packed up. Candles, lighter, flashlights, batteries, battery operated radios will also be handy during this situation.

No, I haven't stocked up and prepared yet. Yes, we are going to buy and do all of the above-mentioned.

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