Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pizza Hut.

I miss eating Pizza Hut's pizza:

3 boxes of Family-sized Pizza Hut pizza.

My 20th birthday celebration with friends.

We look like we are having a pizza eating contest in the last 2 photos but I love it nonetheless. I miss my college friends and I miss Pizza Hut. I wonder when I will be able to dine out again. Like really eat out. The past month, I have been under "house arrest" (my term for: I don't have money to go out) ergo, no chance on having to indulge on my favorite foods and/or try new ones and I am badly craving for a food adventure.

I actually made a list already of food/restaurants to try out when I get the chance plus another list of old favorites to give in to. Being under house arrest I am only able to eat homemade food (don't get me wrong, they're good too & I will be posting my favorite homemade one of these days) and cookies and chips. ;)

Will update soon!!


  1. hi! just returning the comment you dropped at my blog. thanks ha. btw, nakakagutom ang pizza! ;)


  2. Looks like you all having a great pizza party! So much fun! :)

  3. we also had pizza from Pizza hut last night. sarap, d ba?

    anyway, visiting here thru adgitize.


  4. @Alpha: Thank you!! :)

    @VanillaSeven: It was A LOT of fun! I miss!

    @Kerslyn: Sarap talaga! Tagal ko ng hindi nagpipizza.



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