Sunday, September 13, 2009

Homemade Pasta.

I have a friend who I haven't seen for a year. No seeing each other, no phone, not even text messages. Not because of my lack of trying though, every time our group from high school would go out for coffee, movie, an afternoon snack or just to hang out in one of our friends' place, I always text her but she don't reply. One day, I just got tired and decided that if they (she and two other friends) would want to go out and hang out with us, they would be the one asking us out or at least make an effort to text or reply to our invitation.
It happened sooner than I thought, after a few weeks she texted me and said she'll make up and visit me at home. I was happy but I didn't really hang on to her words because sometimes she tends to cancel at the last minute. When she showed up at my door (my bedroom door that is), I was so glad! And when we went downstairs for lunch and I saw what she bought me, I was more than glad that she came. :)

Here's what she brought me:

JM's homemade tuna and mushroom pasta w/ olive oil.

The photo didn't give it justice at all but believe me, it tasted awesome. I was kind of surprised when she said she was the one who prepared it. So yummy!

Okay, I'll text her now and ask her to visit me again this time with MORE of this pasta. Haha!


  1. What a nice gesture from her. I'm sure it tasted yummy.

  2. Mmmmm pasta... I love pasta I agree tuna and mushroom doesn't look good on pics :p unless you use some nice SLR and filter ahahahaha.

    Btw, about your question dun sa contest ko, any activity you do to pass by a rainy day kahit di sya fun sakin kahit sayo lang ok lang ahahaha . So wait ko entry mo ha!

  3. this reminded me. i have been planning to experiment on cooking that for the longest time! i don't know how, really, so wish me luck this weekend when i try it out :D

  4. is it yummy? i'll try this one..but hindi ba amoy tuna?

  5. That looks outrageously good. I love pasta.You can't get a much better make up present.



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