Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bugsy's Buffalo Tenders Salad.

I am thinking about comfort foods aside from chips, cookies and other sweet and greasy stuff right now. I thought about the salad my friends and I had last week.

Is this considered comfort food?

Bugsy's Buffalo Tenders Salad w/ Blue Cheese dressing.

It was my first time to try the Buffalo Tenders there and I must say it tastes really delicious and healthy too. It's a salad, right? It's supposed to be healthy. :) The serving is good enough for 2 and the price is reasonable at P175 ($3-$4) and Bugsy's is a very decent place so the price is actually "cheap" if you consider their ambience and reputation.

Bugsy's Bar and Bistro is located at City Gold Plaza, Julia Vargas Ortigas near Home Depot. They also serve alcoholic beverages and cocktails, appetizers, finger foods and main courses.


  1. I want some! I haven't tried a salad with a buffalo... yummy :)

  2. Looks good to me. If it makes you feel good than it's comfort food.

  3. I really wouldn't call it my comfort food, cause I am not really into salads, but it looks so yummy.I know it tasted great!



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