Saturday, November 7, 2009

What I had for breakfast.

This is what my usual breakfast consist of: food, drinks and my computer. In this photo, I had instant Mac & Cheese, iced green tea-- although it's NOT color green, and my Facebook FarmVille on screen.

This photo didn't give justice to my food. It doesn't taste anything like what it looks like (and this is why I'm trying to gather donations and save up, to buy a decent camera and I guess I need to learn how to use Photoshop and the like for editing/enhancing photos). It's pretty delicious for an instant Mac & Cheese. I keep saying instant cos it's just one of those like instant noodles where you only have to boil water and cook for about 5 minutes and you're done. This one is from Lucky Me... nothing like Kraft's (which is my favorite ready-to-eat) but it's not bad at all. Plus it's new in the market and it's cheaper too and because I love trying new and different food from time to time, I gave this one a try. ;)

You might want too. Lucky Me instant Mac & Cheese and Baked Mac are available in all local grocery stores and some convenient stores too for about less than P20 and good for one serving.

What did you have for breakfast?


  1. hi mara! i haven't tried the mac n' cheese flavor but i've tried yun baked mac and it passed my taste buds nman kahit pano.☺ LOL! buti ka pa you can eat breakfast. ako kasi ndi snay, just coffee lang.

    anyway, i've tried short task already and so far the tasks i did were approved na. $10 lang min. payout. try it.☺



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