Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pepperidge Farm's Cookies.

Since I haven't been eating out much lately and I only have a spoonful for meals here at home because I would like to think that I am on a diet, excuse my "recycled" food photos and craving posts for the meantime. I love! <3

Today, my Mom sent me an SMS from California asking me what else I want in my "goody box" that she'll be sending me sometime next month. I already told her about my body mist, some DVDs, breakfast cereals, etc. I forgot about my Milano cookies and that's what I replied.

I am so excited! I haven't had Milano for months and the ones available in the local grocery stores are the Original ones and they are like only a few stocks of it. I want! I want!

Yes, I love cookies. I love Oreos, Pepperidge's, Chips Ahoy, and Quaker Oats' Oatmeal Cookies.

Care to share what's yours? ;)


  1. I'll take one of those 'goody boxes'! These cookies are delicious!

    Find Smart Buy prices, product comparisons, nutritional information and coupons at for Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies.

  2. thanks for posting this mara.☺

    my parents are about to send goody boxes probably next month, as well, and they're asking what else i want. now i know what i'll ask. LOL!

    happy weekend mara!

  3. hmm, so yummiiiii, look a delicious food.

  4. @SmartShopIt: Thanks for the info!! :) I know, these cookies rock!!

    @Bambie: Hi Ate Bambie, yeah don't forget to ask your parents to send you a box or two of these cookies esp if you haven't tried them yet. ;) Sarap!

    @Top Games: Yep, they ARE delicious! ;)



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