Sunday, November 29, 2009

Conti's Mango Bravo.

I always enjoy a good dessert after a hearty meal. And Conti's Mango Bravo cake is one of my favorites to have. After visiting the bookstore with my closest friends last week, we headed to a late afternoon snack slash early dinner in Serendra (literally just a few walks away from High Street where the bookstore is). As usual, we were having a hard time deciding where to eat. Initial choice was just to grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks inside the bookstore but things changed when we suddenly felt a little hungry for just coffee and pastries. We walked and walked and walked until we stopped and said "Okay, where are we going to eat? What do you guys like?" We have no idea what and where to eat so we came up with 3 different choices each and there's three of us. One will choose among the choices given. Conti's won. :) 

If you frequent High Street and Serendra, you might want to try out eating there sometime if you haven't yet. The food is more worth it than the price. They have less than P200 ($2-$3) pasta and it's quite serving. And their pastries... love! That photo above is my favorite... Mango Bravo. It's P105 ($1-$1.50) per slice and something around P550 ($12) for the small whole cake and believe me it's BIG enough for the family. The three of us shared this slice since I was the only one who ordered a dessert because I was smart enough to order a Kiddie-sized Cheesy Baked Mac because I really really have to make room for dessert. My 2 friends ordered individual pastas and they were so full to order individual desserts afterwards. We managed to clean the plate though. ;)

Visit Conti's at Serendra in The Fort and in Greenhills. Or THEIR WEBSITE for a list of their menu, branches and operation time.


  1. Wow, your blog really makes my appetite crave for those food you blog about.
    Follow ko na nga to so I can get more ideas to boost my appetite hehhe.

  2. That sounds like a perfect afternoon to me! I always try to order a light meal if there is a good dessert available. I have my priorities!

  3. i also love contis' mango bravo and also the chocolate almond ium craving for one hehe

  4. @Scribbler: Thank you for following! :) I will do my best to update this blog with more food/restaurant photos for you guys :)

    @Liv: Hehe! Go, go, go! I was torn between mango Bravo and Banana Cream Torte but of course, Mango Bravo padin.

    @Buggys: It was a perfect afternoon! And yes, if you're eating a restaurant known for their famous pastries, you better settle for something light. Hehe! :D

  5. I've never been to serendra and conti's (too far and I don't drive) but I've heard really good reviews about the place. thanks for sharing your favorite dessert from there :)

  6. omg! i love conti's mango bravo! my bf and i are such big fans of conti's BF pque branch. in fact, that's where we had our pre-anniversary lunch last month. LOL!

  7. Love their Mango Bravo too :D you gotta try their Choco Overload, Turtle Pie and Black Velvet cakes!

    for the meals.. it's linguine in pesto w/ seafood, roast beef, baked salmon and chicken pie for me.




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