Friday, November 27, 2009

Eat This, Not That

My friends and I made a trip to the bookstore a few days ago and while they were looking up cookbooks from famous celebrity chefs, I was browsing this one and fell in love with it. The No-Diet Weight Loss and the Supermarket Survival Guides are my loves. It's just too pricey for my budget these days so I am doing the next best thing... include it in my WISHLIST (or what I jokingly refer to as "my Christmas gifts registry").

This would be helpful.

I made searches and saw it available online in Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Hmmmmm. Santa?


  1. I thought "Eat this - not that" is mainly based for US products. In Germany or here in Malaysia where i live at the moment this book is available, too. But the products are not available :) So there is no way that i could use the book to live "healthier" as i'm already slim ;)

  2. Yep, most products on the book are only available in the US but there are also a lot that's here in the Philippines too so it'll be helpful. :) PLUS, I enjoyed browsing and reading "eat this......(with the arrows) not this...." in the book. LOL :)



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