Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ya Kun Kaya Toast.

I know it is too hot to go out and have hot tea or coffee even when we are actually craving for the caffeine. We'd rather have fruit shakes, milk shakes, iced cold juices, ice cream but hey, there's now such thing as iced tea and iced coffee, right?

Ya Kun Kaya Toast: Hot tea and French Kaya toast

If you happen to be along Ortigas-Shaw area, you can drop by at Kaya Toast along Escriva Drive, near Astoria Plaza and Antonio Hairdressing. I promise you, their coffee and tea ROCKS! There is something added to their ingredients, something that made it taste gourmet unlike Starbucks and other commercialized coffee shops (not that I don't enjoy them too). 

I had their tea and toast after our Korean dinner, it was too delish to be only P105-125 for both! Ooh, I didn't mention it is not as expensive as other coffee shops too? Well, it isn't. So, if you are looking for a new taste in your coffee and tea drop by Ya Kun Kaya Toast.


THEY HAVE FREE WIFI! I know, right!? :)

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