Monday, May 17, 2010

Japanese food: Sumo Sam

Summer season is almost over but the summer heat doesn't seem to want to go just yet and as most of us know, summer is equivalent to the beach. Yes, summer season + summer heat = THE BEACH and going to the beach means sporting a perfectly (or almost perfectly) fit body (e.g. flat tummy). 

And because of that reason, I am trying my hardest to stir away from eating too much food for every meal. Not that I had any luck with that for the past days but I am able to reduce unnecessary junk food eating and less carbs, though I still eat until I feel stuffed to move.

Such a thing happened when I had lunch with friends at Sumo Sam, I suggested that we just share foods instead of ordering separately since the servings in Sumo Sam was big enough to share but we ended up ordering A LOT of food to share, here's my share:

Bacon wrapped dory

Dynamite maki

I have always loved Japanese food and since Sumo Sam was built, I believe I get most of my Japanese fix there. I wouldn't say the place is cheap but it's not too expensive either, it's more on the reasonably priced side of restaurants and totally worth it. If you're going on a date with your boyfriend or girlfriend or with your friends, a budget of at least P300-P500 is good enough (to share, 3-5 pax). I admit, in times like this, spending P500 each on food can be frustrating but believe me when I say that your P500 can go a long, long way in your stomach. It's healthy, mouth-watering and worth the price. Besides, consider it a treat for yourself.  

By the way, you can also try their Spicy Tuna Salad, Teppanyaki, Agedashi Tofu, Happy Birthday Noodles and their Bottomless Iced Tea (especially the Green Iced Tea).

Sumo Sam has branches in Shangri-La Plaza Mall in Mandaluyong and Powerplant Mall in Makati.

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