Thursday, May 6, 2010

Edsa Shangri-La Cafe

Not to be confused with the hotel's Coffee Shop (HEAT) or The Baksehop, the Cafe is located along the Garden Entrance beside Fully Booked, facing the Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

Iced Tea and Banana Bread

Because it's still burning hot here in Manila, I am still all about refreshments and I give you my word for their banana bread and iced tea. 

Price for both is less than P200 ($5): P90 for the iced tea and P50 for the banana bread.


  1. The iced tea is quite overpriced but the bread looks delicious and moist.

  2. I wouldn't really say it's overpriced considering that it is from the Cafe of a 5-star hotel, it's the same price as the tall iced tea in Starbucks. But if you think 90 pesos for an iced tea, yes, it can seem to be pricey. :)



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