Thursday, December 8, 2011

Frozen Yogurt Craving

How much frozen yogurt can one have to satisfy his/her craving for it?

I know the weather these past few days do not call for frozen yogurt, or any cold food or drinks for that matter. It's been quite chilly and rainy the past days but my weird cravings choose no occasion, time, day, and weather. For some reason, my taste buds want froyo for dessert and I haven't given in to the craving for almost a week.

Yoh-Froz (with Kiwi fruit); Golden Spoon (with Mallows & White Chocolate); California Berry (Blueberry plain); and White Hat (Strawberry plain)

Any one of these frozen yogurts will do and I'll have a happy tummy and happy taste buds. I'm actually missing two photos here, one from Red Mango and Lulu Belle. Yes, I love frozen yogurts, desserts, and trying out different and all kinds of food from different places for comparison. If you're wondering, White Hat's on top of my list. I'm open for suggestions of any other frozen yogurt place other than these 6 I've already tried.


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  1. Awww...we love Froyo too! :))

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