Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cafe Breton

I believe I have mentioned somewhere in this blog that my favorite part of the meal is dessert and this is a blog post dedicated to one of my personal favorite dessert, the one I customized and the one I personally call "Mara's Heartbreak Crepe", "This is how a heart breaks crepe" or "Mara's Feel Good Crepe" because I get to crave for crepes when I'm heartbroken or when I feel so down in the dumps that I just want to drown myself with all the sweets I can eat.

Here's the best crepe in town (and by best I mean the for ME) by Cafe Breton: 

Mara's Heartbreak/Feel good/This is how a heart breaks Crepe

I can name this crepe whatever name I want because it's "customized". Yes, I get to choose the fruit, the toppings, the sauce, everything and ever since I started eating crepes at Cafe Breton this is what I always order. This is what makes me feel a tad better and a lot guilty afterwards but... what the heck. I'm sad. I deserve to treat myself with a "happy meal".

If you want something else to eat, Cafe Breton also offers sandwiches, salads, cocktails, coffee/tea and their crepes are not just the typical ones that pop into our minds whenever crepe is mentioned, they also have what they call "savoury crepe combination" (e.g. cheese, tomato and egg, cheese, ham and tomato, etc.)

Don't worry about the budget, one crepe can cost you as low as P85 for a banana and condensed milk crepe (Tarzan) and the personalized crepes for P40 for the crepe + P20-P80 for the fruits, P30-P75 for the spreads, P30-P35 for the syrups and for ice cream. You can mix and match whatever combination you like. Budget per meal would be at least P200 per person.

Cafe Breton has branches in The Podium, TriNoma Mall, Tomas Morato, SM Mall of Asia, Westgate Center Muntinlupa, Greenbelt 3 and Robinson's Midtown.

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