Monday, February 1, 2010

Pepper Lunch: Beef Teriyaki

Since this new addition to the Pepper Lunch menu has been introduced, I have been dying to give it a try because 1.) I LOVE PEPPER LUNCH and 2.) I LOVE BEEF TERIYAKI and knowing I love each individually it would be logical to say that I MIGHT love both combined.


I had this for lunch about two days before Christmas, I enjoyed every spoonful that I put into my mouth. PLUS, this is the meal that gave me my FREE PEPPER MEAL the next month.

Beef Terriyaki

I got a free pepper meal just by doing what I always do when I eat there... sign the comment card. :) I think I have mentioned about this here or in my other blog but anyway, back to Beef Teriyaki... The terriyaki sauce is separated from the beef, there's still the sizzling plate with the beef slices and sunny side up egg and a separate bowl for the rice. It costs a little less than P400 ($6-$8) and is deliciously worth it! Or am I just being biased because I love PL? Anyway, I am so happy that I get to introduce this establishment to a lot of people already... my cousins, my friends and even fellow bloggers who have read about Pepper Lunch on my blogs. As far as I know, you guys love it too!

As part of my new year's resolution, I promise to give other PL food a try (other than my usual orders of Beef Pepper Rice, Curry Beef Rice, and Beef Terriyaki). Yes, I prefer beef.

Any suggestions? :)


  1. i miss beef teriyaki ... good for you get a free meal from PL:)

    BTW,her's a review for your site:

    this is in relation to kaye and pehpot's blogversary..hope you like it:)

  2. Free is good any day. Great blog

  3. try our new beef teriyaki pepper rice w/ fried egg! or if you want to try a different sauce with tender shimofuri beef - Go for the beef teppanyaki!


    Soon we will have seafood pepper rice & seafood aioli pasta!!

    cheers, jeroen

  4. @ Gene: Thanks for your review. I liked it! <3

    @ The Cooking Lady: Thank you!!

    @ Sir Jeroen: Pepper rice na instead of plain rice? Wow! I'll try it! Can't wait! Seafood aioli pasta sounds good also. Thanks sir Jeroen!



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