Sunday, January 3, 2010

Busy Day @ Starbucks.

Happy New Year everyone!!!

I hope you all had a fabulous celebration with your family and friends and totally enjoyed the moment.

As for me, I stayed at home which is fun cos I only cozied up in my pajamas, watched Final Destination 4 and Zombieland with a pitcher of Vodka+Iced Tea and a bag of Lay's. But that's not the photo I'm sharing today.

I realized it's been exactly a month since I posted here and I have a lot of food photos all waiting to be published! Seriously! This photo will show you how busy I have been during the past months, especially December, I had to go to a nearby Starbucks cos my internet connection at home was acting up and I was avoiding spending but then again... I spent P300 for the internet card (yes, wi-fi at Starbucks is NOT free!) and of course I have to eat and since it was only before lunch I had Cinnamon Swirl and Basic Black Iced Tea. I spent P600 ($15) more or less. I used to say busy is not an excuse and it's really not but sometimes being busy drains your strength that most of the time you just need to have some quiet, thinking-free moment after a day of brain exercise.

Nonetheless, I resolve that for 2010 I will stick to a schedule and make time for everything else in between! Cheers for the great year ahead and for more food photos! I'm still saving up for that camera though..... ;)

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  1. Waaa! That picture of Cinnamon Swirl is making my mouth water! Thanks for this post, Mara! :-)



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